> « We shouldn’t have value-free markets »

9 décembre 2008

Cela ressemble à Lionel Jospin quand celui-ci disait : « Économie de marché, oui, société de marché, non. » Rappeler dans le contexte d’aujourd’hui cette vérité est d’une grande utilité. Comme quoi les travaillistes, les sociaux-démocrates et les socialistes européens ne sont pas si différents les uns des autres. Ils se rassemblent autour d’une profonde unité de conviction. Comme j’ai piqué l’idée à Philippe, j’ajoute l’intégralité du texte de l’intervention filmée de Gordon Brown.

Gordon Brown

Transcription du discours donné par le premier ministre, Gordon Brown, lors du lancement des journées de l’entrepreneur, à Londres, lundi 17 novembre 2008 :

You are proving that we link the principles of social action and enterprise, and I believe that this financial crisis is teaching us a very important lesson about the values that underpin the market place for the future. While we have free markets, and it is right to say we should have free markets, we shouldn’t have value-free markets, markets should be underpinned by social purpose.

And some people are drawing the wrong conclusions from this financial crisis and saying you are either for business or against business, for banks or against banks, for markets or against markets.  In fact I think when people look at this historic crisis and set of events, they will conclude that the dividing line which makes people angry at the moment is that we want to support markets, businesses, social enterprises that are grounded in celebrating and valuing and rewarding hard work, and effort, and enterprise, and social concern and responsible risk-taking, but what we don’t want to do is to reward, or celebrate or value irresponsible risk-taking and excess.

And so the principles of social action and the principles that govern successful enterprise that we can celebrate and value are indeed coming together. 


Now I think the values that link social enterprise and link business together are very clear to us now we have seen what has happened in this financial crisis. And I believe that all of you have got the chance to change the world in a very positive way over the next few years.

You know whatever happens in the next few months with the world downturn, over the next 20 years I believe that the global economy will double in size.  It is inevitable that this will happen because of the rise of Asia, because of the rise of emerging market economies  and developing countries, so the world economy over the next 20 years you will see double in the opportunities available for businesses, double in the job opportunities that are available for so many people, but probably a billion new skilled jobs created around the world over the next years. And this gives massive opportunities.  If you have a product, if you have something to market, if you have invented something that is quite unique, you don’t only now look for a market in Britain, you can look for a market in every part of the world.

So the opportunities for enterprise are just endless and I believe that today you should be thinking that everything that we do will be global in the future.

But the opportunities also for social action are endless as well because we are now beginning to see that we are a global society and there are common and shared values that hold us together.   In the past you used to say if only people could communicate across frontiers, if only people could discuss things across nationalities, if only people across religious faiths could understand what each other believes.  And now of course technology has made that possible.

And what I believe people are finding, and we have Global Fellows here who have gone out from Britain to every country, every major country in the world, we are finding that we have a huge amount in common, we are finding that each of the major faiths is based on the same idea of responsibility – do to others as you would have done to yourself – but there is a common moral sense that links the world together and that we can build a truly global society where we can communicate with each other, discuss the great issues with each other, find what we have in common and then act on it and upon this inter-dependent society we can build a truly connected global community for the future.

So whatever the difficulties of today, and the lessons that we have to learn, there are huge opportunities both for enterprise and for social action in the future. And I hope you will all recognise that while this is a difficult time, and it is a downturn that we are having to go through because we have got to sort out problems in the global economy that have essentially arisen because we are a global economy, that we cannot be a truly global economy unless we have a financial system that deals with all the failings and weaknesses that arise when you have global flows of capital.

But we can’t be truly a global economy unless we deal with the energy and environmental problems that make us one world, but we don’t yet act as if we are one world.  And you cannot truly become a global economy unless you spread the opportunities by open trade and giving people the chance to sell and to market their products across frontiers.

So this is a huge time of opportunity but it is also a time when we should press the whole international community to work with us for common ends.


We do have an historic opportunity, founded on the knowledge that there are shared ideas held in every part of the world, founded on our ability to communicate through the internet, email and all modern means of communication, founded on the recognition that the principles that govern enterprise and social and community action are not at odds with each other, but together rewarding and celebrating hard work, and effort, and enterprise, and responsibility, and concern is actually the way forward for every modern society.

We have a great deal to look forward to. This Global Entrepreneurship Week, and the Chain Reaction, are the start of great things to come.  I want to thank you for all being here today and wish you all well for the future.

Intégralité du discours.
Discours en vidéo.

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